How we work


We want to provide you with a rough and quick overview of how we work. Some of you may have never worked with us or booked a self-catering property in Cape Town. We hope this helps to explain the procedure.

How to find the right property?

You are looking for holiday accommodation in and around Cape Town, ideally self-catering? Just check under Holiday Homes or Areas what we can offer.

You like a property or multiple options?

You can choose now from different options how to move forward. You can drop us an email to, message us over our website, whatsapp us or give us a phone call under +27 21 791 0308, we will do the rest. Please note that depending the volume of enquiries, it may take up to 4 hours to receive a reply. 

Important Information to receive

In order to find you the right fit, we need to know:

  1. Travel dates
  2. Number of Guests
  3. Budget
  4. Your Preferences!

Do you need extras?

Please let us also know if you need any additional services.  This could be airport transfer, baby equipment, butler, chef or fridge stocking you would like to have handled.


We will try to negotiate the best deal for you, as our prices are just averaged. Depending on the length of stay and season you are booking it for, the prices can drop or go up.   

We will email you your property options and quotes for any extras, and you can choose.


You have found what you were looking for?  Congratulations!  

We will send you now your booking confirmation, related agreements and invoice.  Please read all documents carefully. We are happy to answer all your questions.

You are happy with all details?


For most of our properties, our clients/guests will be required to make the following payments:

  1. Initial Deposit. This is an immediate 50% deposit of the total invoice amount, otherwise they won’t book it for you.   This is unfortunately necessary, as many properties get reserved and then the deal falls through. It is difficult to fill these gaps and the damage is heavy.  Many of our owners and their families are living of this income and rely on it.
  2. Final Deposit.  The final 50% has usually to be settled one month ahead of your stay.  We will send you a timely reminder including all details.
  3. Damage Deposit. Our properties require also security deposits.  Depending on the owner/property manager, it can be just an imprint of your credit card or a security deposit. The deposit amount can be anything between ZAR 2,000 to ZAR 50,000.  Each property has their own deposit amount stipulated. Don’t worry, we will send that information with the booking confirmation.

Your Vacation Start

Holiday preparation can be stressful.  Please check under our FAQ important topics.  We are also always happy to answer your queries and support where we can.


Please call us 45 min before you arrive at the premises.  If you arrive by flight, that’s the moment you are about to leave the airport.  If you have booked airport transfer over us, our driver will do that for you. If you come by own car or taxi, please call yourself.

Arrival at property and check-in.  We will be waiting for you at the property and walk you through the house.  We explain the appliances, security system and all other questions you may have.

Your stay

If you need help with anything, just email, message or call us.  We know from our travels how good it is to have a local contact!


Please note most properties require you to check out before 10am. If you need or want to stay longer, please talk to us.

One of our representatives will guide you through the check-out.

Your vacation ends

We are sure you will come again.  The final step is the release of the security deposit.  It is usually returned between 7 to 14 days from your check-out.